Saturday, April 24, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Tough On The Road

Week 2 Day 6 - Saturday, April 24, 2010

LONG DAY!!! Started with IMPROV 4 KIDS ( road trip to the Bickford Theater, Morris Museum, Morristown NJ. Two afternoon shows. Before the shows I had a number of high bad-carb items. Between shows I had Sandwiches and cookie. After shows I had two slices of GREAT pizza before fun show at LMAO (

Hit HORRIBLE traffic at GWB today. AT least 1 hour delay coming back. Added delay by some bone head choices on my part. I thought Laurice was going to throw my in the river.

Today’s Consumption Summary
BREAKFAST 1– Pistachio Muffin & two coffees from Gristedes
Breakfast two at Panera – Egg Soufflé and more coffee

Lunch Between NJ shows – two ranch roll sandwiches – urkey & Cranberry, Ham and Brie, plus Amazing Choc Chip Cookie – 2 Snapple teas

Two Slices Pizza from PATZaria.

My one saving grace... I am committed to going to bed now without anything else to eat. This means no matter how bad the food intake was today, the last consumed pizza went down before 6:30pm.


After show at home, I really wanted to go to bed with out more food, but I was so hungry. Or at least my mind said I was. I heated up Fresh Direct Turkey Chili, added some Cheddar and sun chips. Not so bad I guess.

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