Saturday, April 24, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – UH OH – I blew it

Week 2 Day 4 - Thursday, April 22, 2010

LONG DAY – I had a bad day – diet wise. A little behind – busy week, lack of Internet access and personal diet disappointment has led to the delay in this blog.

The day was a huge success for IMPROV 4 KIDS ( with two shows and two workshops at Port Washington School - another cast performed at the Morgan Stanley Children Hospital in Washington Heights.

Got to drive around the harbor area – LOVE Port Washington!!!

Today’s Consumption Summary

Before workshops – around noonish
Coffee and Golden Grahams Snack Bar 280 cal

After workshops/before shows - Chili’s in Westbury

Chicken Chili Soup 190 calories
Mini Tacos 800 calories – really good smoked pork and crispy chicken (I wanted the smoked chicken but oh well)
½ of 4 dessert shooters – the old me cam out ordering these for “THE TABLE” really I wanted the sweetness buffet
Coffee & Diet Coke & Water

Got Home – Starting with left over (1/3 rack) FRESH DIRECT BBQ Ribs, I gorged further 2 pepperoni pizza lean pockets, topped with olive oil and Parmesan and spices. The Parmesan was fresh from the deli and wonderfully zesty. So in order to have more I ripped up whole wheat pita, poured on a little mesquite BBQ and sprinkled on – make than scooped out a lot of – Parmesan on top. Not good at any time of the day but especially midnight!!!

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