Monday, April 12, 2010

DAY ONE - For the umpteenth time!!!

Today is the new DAY ONE! The day I say good buy to a build up of fatty tissue that, while many enjoy jiggling on stage, causes an enormous amount of pain. Two years ago almost to the day I joined Weight Watchers and lost 55 pounds by July 4th. That summer proved very dramatic and the downward slope began. I just hit that former mark. Not sure of the exact poundage at this moment, but I have hit the same rock bottom. It hurts to wipe my ass after a pooh! The image is bad enough, thought I should at least censor the language LMAO.

Speaking of LMAO - I am going to call this the Laugh My Ass Off Diet!!! Name Branding? Merchandising? perhaps.... But my Ass is always so huge. I did loose a little of the booty shake last time I dieted.

My goal is to do daily blogs with weekly videos blogs. I need to get a scale today. I need to fill up the fridge with healthy stuff. I need to get Salads and not paninis from the deli next to the theater. I need to eat more fruit. I need to get to the gym. No more Sausage's from the street meat guy. Sorry, he might go out of business.

So I encourage you all to work with me. I promise the funny will not stop. I could loose 100-150 pounds and still be the funny fat guy of note!!!

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