Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DAY TWO Dieting on the road & at the movies

LMAO THE DIET Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DAY II – Some of the anxiety has passed. But NOT making GREAT choices either.
Up early to perform at Bethesda MD school, the cast stops at Montgomery Village Einstein Bagel. There are a lot of things there I like that are not on the diet. It helps seeing Weight Watchers sign for meeting place next door.

The shows were hilarious. Jared, Amelia, Laurice and I ran two back to back assemblies at Carderock Springs ES, Bethesda MD off of River Road (Actually a temp location while main campus renovated) We rapped about Justin Bieber and presented slide show about the invention of trains. At one point in columns (human Mad Libs) I point at a child and he says Amelia is being arrested for no apparent reason. VERY PROFOUND for a 6yo to inspire Race Relations theater. LMAO.... The kids started chanting ENCORE!!! So we added a ONE to FIVE that rocked!!!

After the shows we saw DATE NIGHT. I really wanted to see CLASH OF THE TITANS. As tired I was, felt Tina and Steve would put me out. I love their comedy but usually the style is subtle. Well this time, the subtle style played great in a fairly high energy movie with tons of heart. And great cameos by Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Ray Liotta and dozens of others. Loved seeing Bill Burr up there but wish they gave him more to do. Common was pretty bad ass!!!

Todays’s Consumption Summary

As usual lots of coffee. One included SB White Choc Mocha but with Skim. Still sugary I am sure.

Einstein Bagels Low Fat Veggie Cream Cheese and Nova Lox on Everything Bagel. Skipped the sweets I desperately wanted including Apple or Choc Chip Tart OR cookie.

At Movie Theater – UNO Pizza with pepperoni and Chicken Fingers GIANT DT COKE

AT RIO GRANDE at the RIO in Gaithersburg….

So far I am writing everything at LAKEFOREST MALL FOOD COURT w/o eating any junk. Nervous about tonight but I plan on checking restaurant website for menu options....

15 minutes later

No calorie info avail. Have to trust instincts. thinking Chicken Fajita without tortillas. Skip the chips. Maybe have some ceviche.

5 hours later

We just got back. They had a special of all seafood - scallops, shrimp & salmon skewers over rice with beans. The rice & beans portion was modest. The seafood was grilled. GREAT DISH. And I was able to go all night with ZERO tortilla chips. I had a small spoon of Guacamole. With just a small taste of sopapillas afterwards and trying to keep up with my 4yo niece running around the RIO, the night was a huge success diet wise. Great choices for the palette and waste.

Off to bed, but I did get a work out tonight all the while learning another reason to loose weight. Mackenzie was able to use my backside as a slide while I laid "FLAT" The butt is so high in the air that she felt the need to take the ride about 2 dozen times. All for good laughs, it is time to say goodbye to my bunker hill!!!

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