Friday, April 16, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – Better Choices

LMAO THE DIET – Better Choices

DAY FOUR - Thursday April 15, 2010 wrap-up

Woke up early to move car. 7:30 street cleaning for metered spot was only option getting home so late the night before. Drove to bank with checks from road trip and a few deposits. 8am… 110th & Broadway… I found parking spot. Went for coffee at street vendor… made difficult choice NOT to buy donuts. Noticed D’Agostino across street. Doors opened to reveal fresh fruit like I had not scene since my first date in junior high. Got discount rewards card. Felt like a regular already. Found deal on Steak and a number of healthy items. At least healthier than donuts. Sale on Scottish lox led to a great breakfast. One bad choice was impulse buy in check out – Riece’s Fast Break. Not even that great a candy bar and a waste of 260 calories. Should have bought the snickers.

Had to move car again at 11:30. Got some deli buffet food while sitting and waiting for spot.

Drove to Queens to pick up flyers. Did not eat a thing while out of the house. Fun show. I just played piano tonight at LMAO – SHOUT OUT to Ohio, Brazil, Korea, and Kansas/San Fran.

Today’s Consumption

Coffee & Fast Break by Riece’s

French Baguette
Scottish Lox 4 oz
Fat Free Cream Cheese by Philadelphia

Deli Buffet
Roast Pork w/ Broccoli
Mini corn fritters

Mango Smoothie by Naked Juice 600 cal for 32 oz

Coffee - Did I mention I drink a lot of coffee

Slices Deli Turkey
Whole grain Bretton Crackers
2 oz hummus
Jarlsberg cheese

D'ag has somne amazing "MANAGER GONE WILD" Deals. Got a Black Angus steak for 2.99/lb (Usually $9ish)

Special performance of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH April 30, 2010 8pm

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