Monday, April 12, 2010

LMAO THE DIET - Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010 Review

Today was day one. Time to start loosing weight and living the healthy life style. I have under used Bally gym membership. Tough day to start a diet. This is also the beginning of a 3-day road trip to DC, and I do not do well on the road. Tend to eat way to much junk at rest stops on the NJ turn pike.

Today’s Consumption

Breakfast AT HOME
Mango Smoothie 32 oz 600 calories 0 fat ALL FRUIT – Mango, banana, OJ apples
2 Ice Coffees – Skim Milk no Sugar 90 cal 0 fat

Spinach Salad w/ chicken, gorgonzola, tomato, mushroom & fat-free dressing
Mushroom barley Soup
Snickers Bar
Lots of Coffee

Pizza Hut mini pizza
½ small TCBY yogurt
Slice of Pizza (Large ham & pineapple)
More Coffee

Its amazing how much talking and blogging/journaling makes you think about every morsel that goes in the mouth. Just in the first day, I avoided eating a number of items including cookies, whopper at BK etc. I almost did not mention the second slice of pizza.

The Pizza may seem bad but it was a choice over fast food options – ie burgers, fires, fried chicken etc.

Here is the thing. I spent about 80% of my time today thinking about food. Driving to DC I constantly wanted to pull into a rest stop to eat. But at 11:30 tonight, I feel fine and happy with my choices today.

Tomorrow we are having a family dinner at RIO GRAND/ Don Julio's. It's all about choices!!! Wish me luck. More to come!!!

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