Friday, April 16, 2010

LMAO THE DIET – no late night eating

DAY FIVE - Friday April 16, 2010 wrap-up

Busy day so here is quick assessment. Left house at 5pm after eating all of today’s consumption listed below. After show came home and straight to bed. Expect to wake up skinnier for not eating late at night.

PS Shout out to ALTAR BOYZ cast at the LMAO show to route on Lee Markham. You hoo – the pope is calling!!!

Also Ethan - our tiny biggest fan -stole the show. Syracuse was a lot of fun!!!

Today’s Consumption
Coffee – again
Small piece of quiche
Wheat Crackers
Turkey Slices

2pm Lunch
12 oz steak –roasted w/o oil – just olives and grapes
French Baguette
Small bag of Doritos


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